Exhibition Perversion of Purity

The exhibition Perversion of Purity takes inspiration straight from the polarity of a relationship between a man and a woman and highlights its eternal dualism, which sometimes seems to be the main drive behind the entire flow of our universe.

I tried consciously emphasized and intensifiesied this biformity by chosing to work with black and white photography. As a critical addition to my own choice and original comprehension over the matter of a Male/Female relationship, I involved an additional  perspective by  further processing my artwork through multiple exposure, bringing a specific haze and indistinctness to bonding as such.  

Thus, the relationship displays itself as a multifaceted affair and, therefore, a perverse manifestation. The series of photographs guide us through this concept through cliché, grotesque and caricature, all of which in turn convey a whole pallete of confrontations between the two sexes.

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