Photo Marathon 2016

"Documentary photography and the art of observation are powerful tools for the advancement of free and open societies. Today more than ever, the Mediterranean Sea represents a precarious frontier between the North and the South. The diverse cultures that surround the sea are the focus of our collective documentary action. Together with 500 photographers we've spend a day documenting how migration and heritagemanifest themselves in our communities" (APIS, 2016).

It was an amazig journey through whole 12 hours. Since one of the main themes of Photo marathon was migration I decided at the beginning to portray the series through a story of a person who migrated to Slovenia. To achieve this I imagined a person I know and who faced many challenges at the time of his arrival to Slovenia. Also every time we got new themes I stopped and tried to imagine what this person would feel if somebody would give him the words we received. This is what I afterwards tried to capture.

I am a winner of 2016 Photo marathon (Slovenia) and I am very proud of it. 

More you can read about the event on Frame site (organizors). In Slovenia they collaborate with APIS institution.


1. Morning - Every morning the same story.

2. Language - Speaking different language doesn't help to assimilate in Ljubljana.

3. Intersection - When I am in dilemma why I work so hard in other country I always remember where the right road is taken me.

4. Work - Working on getting Ljubljana more tolerant to different people.

5. Diaspora - We use to be one country, now I am here only a migrant.

6. Hero - Every playground remands me of my child, who is the biggest hero that has to live without his father.

7. Someone's dream - Someone's dreams are to go on vacation, someone's dreams are to have a big house, someone's dreams are to own a lake, but my only dream is      that I will always be able to provide enough money to feed my child.

8. Saudade - I miss hugs from my wife.

9. Foreign flavors - People were often offensive because we have a different flavour in clothing.

10. Pattern - Pattern of my wives favourite crocheted tablecloth.

11. Nationalism - It is known that slovenian nationalists don't like people with last names that ends with ić.

12. Waiting - Waiting for time to pass so that I can finally go home to my family.

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