Exhibition Fear

It can make it bitter, interesting, animated or suffering. All these are potentialities of fear in relation to life. It is a feeling that strucks each and every indivudual and is perfectly natural. It is a feeling that many a person would like to permanently erase from his pallette. Our feelings and comprehensions of it, however, are usually diverse. The exhibition manifested various fears with an intenton for the individual to identify his story with the photographic one.       

The visual component captures various fears, including the most frequent and the most bizzare ones. The fears, displayed in the photographies, are real and behind each of them there is special story.

The exhibition was of charitable nature as well. All the funds, raised by a silent auction, were used as donations. The preparation for the project lasted for one year and involved 18 associates.  

In accordance with their preferences, the identities of some or most of the characters, were made anonimous.


1. Fear of falling, felt in the shoulders.

2. Fear of solitary aging, felt in the head.

3. Fear of taxi-drivers, felt in the stomach.

4. Fear of falling before the performance, felt in the palms.

5. Fear of thunder, felt in the ears.

6. Fear of enclosed spaces, felt in the chest.

7. Fear of ones own death, felt in the chest.

8. Fear of losing a loved one, feld in the bones.

9. Fear of solitary ageing, felt in the chest.

10. Fear of apathy, felt in the throat.

11. Fear of eternal mediocrity, felt in the breast.

12. Fear of loosing a partner, felt in the chest and stomach.

13. Fear of incorrect guidance of ones child, felt in the chest.

14. Fear of an eternal question of the meaning of ones existence, felt in the heart.

15. Fear of heights, felt in the bones.

16. Fear of  the lack of courage to think outside the box, felt in the head.

17. Fear of complications at birth, felt in the throat.

18. Fear of the inability to achieve ones goals, felt in the throat.

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