Wheeling (vozim)

Photoseries Wheeling was made during the operation »Photography and support art with social engagement« that was financed by Ministry of Culture and Institute APIS, which is also the producer of this Photoseries. In the time of this operation, I was employed at the Institute APIS as the Producer in Culture.

In this photo series, I decided to explore the world of people who use wheelchairs. The purpose of the series is overcoming the stereotypes and prejudices concerning the living with the wheelchair and, at the same time, examining the problem of accessibility, taken for granted by the people who do not use the wheelchair. Parallel stories of people living with the wheelchair and of those who do not need it are presented for easier understanding of differences and abilities between both ways of living.


To make us try and understand what living with the chair is like, I, with the help of people who use the chairs, implemented the workshop Foto Insta Maraton at the Institute Apis. The participants received different phrases and tried to portray them with photographs. I portrayed those phrases - along with some additional ones - in my own perspective and with my own emotions. The photos of the participants are available here. In the manner of my previous two series, I used the black and white and multiple exposure techniques.


I would like to thank Mija Pungersič and Urša Tonejec, who also participated in the photo series as photo models. Thanks to all the rest of the participants as well:  Adian Pajazetović, Aljoša Škaper, Besim Pepaj, Janez Moder, Katja Jezeršek, Miranda Škaper and Neva Danaja Pirc.

The exhibition was created within the framework of Apis Institute in cooperation with the Public institute Mladi Zmaji and Zavod ODTIZ. The exhibition was held on the occasion of the European Youth Week 2019. 

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